Calling all artists! Are you headed to G

Calling all artists! Are you headed to GenCon this summer? We’ve got something special just for you. Make sure to grab a spot early during event registration this Sunday – there are limited spots for this session!

Dr. Sketchy’s Indianapolis – Glitter Guild Edition (WKS1568189)
Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School is the world’s premier alt drawing movement. Artists draw glamorous underground performers in an atmosphere of nerd culture conviviality. Dr. Sketchy’s Indianapolis-Glitter Guild Edition features cast members of the Thursday night burlesque show figure modeling in timed poses that go from fully character costumed down to pastie reveals. Art, quirky contests and fun times for all brought to you by Dr. Sketchy’s Indianapolis Branch Manager and Glitter Guild cast member, Pepper Mills.

Have you always wanted to learn some ner

Have you always wanted to learn some nerdlesque moves and burlesque sass? We have several workshops at GenCon this year for you to enjoy! Make sure to reserve your space when event reg starts on the 17th – there are limited spots in these classes, so don’t wait or you might miss out!

Burlesque for the Bedroom and Beyond (WKS1568195)
Instructor: MsPixy
Whether you just want to spice things up with your partner(s), become more confident in less clothing, or just indulge your inner exhibitionist you’ll enjoy learning to strut and strip in this fun, easy introductory burlesque workshop. Both men and women are welcome to attend. Participants should come dressed to move in comfortable clothing and may choose to wear heels, street shoes, or work barefoot.

Burlesque Level-Up: Beyond Beginners (WKS1568196)
Instructor: MsPixy
Really reveal your inner seductress or stud with this cozy class designed for one-on-one feedback and individualized instruction. Whether you’re looking for new tricks to try in the bedroom, considering giving the stage a spin, or just want to add depth and detail to your captivating cosplay or luscious LARP, MsPixy will work with you to take your ability to tease and entice to the next level. Participants are welcome to bring a costume, music, and/or prop(s) to work with, but it is not required for successful participation.

Burlesque Sassy Everyday! (WKS1568193)
Instructor: Pepper Mills
Are you shy? Do you find yourself nervous in crowds? Not sure how to make your PCs stand out at the gaming table? Do you recognize that you have a personality that you would like to share with the world but you’re just not sure how? National burlesque performer and sassy personality, Pepper Mills will share the tips, advice, and techniques that she uses on stage and off that she has acquired during her burlesque career. Attendees will be empowered to readily embrace their inner sassiness and find the confidence from within to help them enjoy the stage of life.

Heading to GenCon this summer? Event reg

Heading to GenCon this summer? Event registration starts this Sunday, May 17th. Glitter Guild will be back for our fifth nerdlesque revue (ENT1568167) on Thursday, July 30th, featuring a cast of internationally acclaimed burlesque and vaudeville performers from across the nation! Our show combines sexy striptease, geek magic and hilarious comedy with a healthy dose of pop culture and nerdly delights. We’ve got a fully stocked repetoire of sexy nerdy fun to show off for you! Get your tickets on the 17th and join us for a night of tease and titillation (save ends)! This year’s show features many returning favorites like Ray Gunn, Katie Angel, Pepper Mills, Desda Mae Q Moana, Bazuka Joe, Lola Getz, Viva La Muerte, Rob Racine, Hazel Hellbender and Red Rum, plus special debut appearances from Jeez Loueez and Maggie Missile!

Event registration for GenCon events sta

Event registration for GenCon events starts next Sunday at noon! The Glitter Guild has several events this year for convention goers to enjoy, including a special appearance with the MU Skulls at their Friday night LARP event. Make sure to search for “Glitter Guild Burlesque” in the event catalog to see all of our offerings at this year’s convention!